Political pariahs to British lackies

Provos tear down Republican placards in north Armagh

There was a time, from October 1988 to September 1994, that the British government banned broadcasts of the voices of representatives from Provisional Sinn Féin in the Occupied Six Counties. Once described as violent separatists and now celebrated as bootlickers by their British friends in Whitehall.

The Provisionals know all too well what it is to be silenced, and now true to form, they are doing the work of their British paymasters. Acting as peaceful reformists they have gone about silencing the messaging of other political organisations.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach, Ard Mhacha Thuaidh, Tomás Ó hAirt Cumann put up boards, saying: “We serve neither King nor Kaiser” in and around Lurgan and Craigavon on May 17, 2023. Today we see that these pro-British nationalists have torn them down.

This after they erected the same messaging outside Connolly House – Belfast headquarters of the Provisionals – for the centenary of the Easter Rising back in 2016.

Once again, we witness pro-British constitutional nationalists showing their electorate how vindictive, non-inclusive, and petty they have become when challenged about their double standards. They have reneged on every Republican principle that so many people gave their lives and freedom for.


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