Provisionals serve King and Kaiser

Provisional leaders Alex Maskey and Michelle 0’Neill confirmed today (April 26) that they will be travelling to the coronation of the new British King, Charles Windsor, the new head of the British State and the Commander-in-Chief of the British Crown Forces, responsible for the murders of so many people in the Six Counties; the world knows the pain and suffering caused by the Crown Forces in Ireland.

They will be joining with other world elites in banquets etc, enjoying lavish surroundings as they embrace their paymaster just a short time after the anniversaries of our fallen comrades Bobby Sands and Francis Hughes; standing shoulder to shoulder with medal-bearing generals of the British army, toasting the coronation of the invaders’ king.

Supporters of Provisional Sinn Féin online have defended the news stating it is part of the ‘politics game’. The only thing the ‘politics game’ has achieved in the past twenty-five years is to further strengthen Britain’s occupation of the Six Counties. Those who claim to oppose the British occupation are now servants of the Crown who act as protectors of the Union.

Republicanism is opposed to colonialism and imperialism and the very principle of Republicanism is a socialist republic which the Provisionals have long abandoned as they administer British rule in Ireland on behalf of the British State. The very principle of Republicanism is in opposition to monarchy. 

Sinn Féin Poblachtach calls once again for the Provisionals to give up the honourable name “Sinn Féin”. With Wolfe Tone we call for the breaking of the connection with England, “the never-failing source of all our political evils”.

Sinn Fein Poblachtach is the only Republican organisation that has a green paper on Irish unity under the Éire Nua program and stands firm on the principles set out in 1916.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach calls on all Republicans to join us today and stand up for the republican ideals set out by our forefathers.

 We call on voters in the May local elections in the Occupied Six Counties to spoil their vote or abstain as all of the parties participating are part of the British establishment in Ireland.


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