The objectives of Republican Sinn Féin are:

(a) The complete overthrow of British rule in Ireland, and the establishment of a Federal Democratic Socialist Republic based on the Proclamation of 1916.

(b) To bring the Proclamation of the Republic, Easter 1916, into effective operation and to maintain and consolidate the Government of the Republic, representative of the people of all Ireland, based on that Proclamation.

(c) To establish in the Republic a reign of social justice based on Irish Republican socialist principles in accordance with the Proclamation of the Republic of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil Éireann in 1919 and by a just distribution of the nation’s wealth and resources, and to institute a system of government suited to the particular needs of the people.

(d) To establish the Irish language as the primary means of communication in the Republic, to teach Irish history in such a way as will foster a pride in our cultural heritage and a sense of rights and responsibilities in our people as citizens of the Republic.


(a) Through organising the Irish people into a united and disciplined movement for the restoration of the Republic and the achievement of the above ideals.

(b) Through assisting, as directed by the Ard Chomhairle, all organisations working for the same objectives.

(c) Through local members establishing themselves in their local community on local issues, thereby gaining the confidence of those involved in local affairs.


SINN FÉIN Poblachtach is aware that it is a long way from achieving its objectives, yet it feels it has a duty to outline an alternative to the present failed patchwork system.

In order to organise the Irish people in a demand for a new deal Sinn Féin Poblachtach will involve itself forthwith in a programme of action at the very points where the existing system operates most severely to the detriment of the community.

These issues will include:

1) Opposing EU/EPU/EMU proposals which conflict with the interests of the
Irish people.

2) Organising against repression, extradition and restrictions on the broadcasting media, in both the 26 Counties and the Six Counties.

3) Contesting 26-County local elections and elections to Údarás na Gaeltachta.

4) Involving ourselves in local and community issues.

5) Supporting local autonomy, including local financing.

6) Encouraging and promoting cooperative enterprises.

7) Working to protect the environment and encouraging the recycling of waste and opposing incineration.

8) Informing the people, young people and the unemployed in particular, about our alternative to the existing system.

9) Developing and promoting our monthly publication, SAOIRSE.

10) Supporting consumer rights and exposing the politicians’ system of clientelism.

11) Campaigning against unfair banking practices and supporting involvement in local Credit Unions.

12) Supporting the campaign to maintain and extend the television service in Irish.

13) Supporting a housing campaign and working against evictions.

14) Working for and among the unemployed and emigrants.

15) Involving ourselves in Trade Union activity in support of workers’ rights and seeking to interest organised labour in our alternative programme.

16) Campaigning against speculation in land for housing and essential services. Supporting demands that the principle, that the price of building land be based on the price of agricultural land plus 25%, be adopted and implemented.