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Poblacht na hÉireann

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The All-Ireland Republic, 1916-1919

These Proclamations and Documents form the bedrock of where we, the true Sinn Féin organisation stand as we go about the re-establishment of the 32 County Irish Republic.

  • The 1916 Proclamation
  • Message to the Free Nations of the world
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Democratic Programme of the First Dáil Éireann

Towards a Peaceful Ireland

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Towards a Peaceful Ireland

This document is Republican Sinn Féin’s pre-British withdrawal blueprint with the objective to establish a National Constituent Assembly.

Such an Assembly would see different sections and voices of Irish society come together to draw up a new 32 County Constitution.  This Constitution then will be put to the people of Ireland for acceptance or rejection via a National Referendum.

Standing confident on the merits of the Éire Nua & Saol Nua Proposals we will submit them to such an Assembly.

Éire Nua – A New Democracy

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Éire Nua – A New Democracy

Éire Nua if accepted will see a fairer and more equal society built around new governmental structures in a united and sovereign Ireland.  The decentralized plan of the new system will ensure a new participative style of democracy with the full involvement of the people.

Based on the four historic provinces of Ireland, each Province will have its own Parliament/Assembly elected by the people.  This will provide an answer to the ongoing conflict in the 6 Counties by re-uniting the traditionally 9-County Province of Ulster, not least but it will also redress the awful East-West dividend currently witnessed in the 26-Counties where the West of Ireland has undergone consistent decades of de-population, resource theft and un-employment.

Éire Nua is a vision but as we enter a post-Brexit Ireland where the feasibility of a border within the Irish nation is again shown up to be a hindrance to progress it is also a practical and realistic proposal which has been deemed workable by political scientists and endorsed by sections of the PUL community.

Éire Nua is our dream and objective for freedom, sovereignty and prosperity between all the peoples of Ireland working in tandem for the common good.

Saol Nua – A New Way of Life

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Saol Nua – A New Way of Life

The long term aim of Republican Sinn Féin is the creation of an Ireland where all people are treated equally and participate in decision making, where the resources and wealth, both natural and national belong to the people and serve to benefit the people.

We seek an Ireland where this is done sustainably because we recognise we are but passing generations.  The earth and land we have inherited is in our trust and we must seek to pass it on as we received it if not in better care.

We recognise and identify the failures of the rampant capitalism and globalist policies currently at play on the world stage.  Therefore, RSF has set out in the Saol Nua Proposals our vision for a sustainable future and Ireland’s role.

Let us keep in mind such a social and economic program working in conjunction with the new Governmental structures outlined in Éire Nua.