New Year statement from the leadership of Sinn Féin Poblachtach

BEANNACHTAÍ do gach baill de Shinn Féin agus don ár lucht tacaíochta ar fud na tíre agus thar lear.

Beannachtaí freisin don ár gcomrádaithe sa bhearna bhaoill go mbéadh rath ar a gcuid oibre.


The leadership of Sinn Féin Poblachtach extend New Year greetings to members and supporters at home and abroad.

2023 is a significant year for Irish Republicans in that it marks the anniversary of a great number of atrocities carried out by the Free State against Irish Republicans during the counter revolution of 1921-23. 

Over one hundred years later Ireland is still suffering the consequences of that sell-out; the country is still partitioned, and part of our country continues to be subjected to British rule. 
Sinn Féin Poblachtach pledges to continue to fight to end the British presence in Ireland and to bring about a new Ireland where the Irish people, acting as a unit, can decide their future. 

We commend those who continue the struggle against the British presence in Ireland: “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.”

In the last few years there has been a great deal of speculation and talk about ending partition and establishing a united Ireland.  A united Ireland with all the old protagonists along with the Provisionals and the unionists. Today Six Counties of Ulster are still under British control. Twenty-five years on, the Stormont Agreement has been shown to be a failure with the executive again non-functioning for the sixth time.

The British police force, the RUC/PSNI, has not changed and continues to oppress the nationalist people. A recent report states that almost 150 RUC/PSNI officers are being presently investigated for alleged offences ranging from assault to drugs crimes. 
Stop and search, raids, confiscations of goods and trumped-up charges are the order of the day for the Republican/ nationalist people. 

The Provisionals, who are part of the Stormont Executive, uphold these acts by the British on their own people. It seems they have no bottom line where collaboration with the enemy is concerned.

In the 26 Counties the homeless situation has again worsened with more than 11,542 people in homeless accommodation. We commend all those who go out to support those in need, in particular the Éire Nua Food Initiative set up by Sinn Féin Poblachtach which has worked tirelessly along with other volunteers throughout the years [since March 2020], feeding and supplying clothing and other necessities to homeless people.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach remembers our patriot dead across Ireland. In 2023 Sinn Féin will ensure that those who gave their lives for the All-Ireland Republic will be fittingly commemorated. In particular, Sinn Féin Poblachtach will continue to commemorate the deeds of the revolutionary generation of a century ago with pride and without apology.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach will update our Social & Economic programme Saol Nua. Along with Éire Nua, it will provide a blueprint where all the Irish people can come together to create a new Ireland where all sections of our people can work together.

We remain committed  to the Irish  Republic as proclaimed  on the steps  of the GPO Dublin 1916.  

Ar aghaidh linn go dtí Éire Nua. 

Ní neart go chur le chéile.

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