Republican activist harassed by British police

On Saturday, January 14 a member of Sinn Féin Poblachtach had his home raided by over 20 members of the RUC/PSNI under the guise of gaining cctv footage in relation to a murder in the Lurgan area involving two drug gangs.

Crown Forces carried out door to door calls all day, skipping the Republican activist’s home on two separate occasions. Later that evening they arrived at his home with a warrant to search the property and obtain cctv footage. 

This heavy-handed raid to obtain cctv footage was done simply to give the impression in the local area that Republicans had involvement in the drug related murder which is absolutely not the case. 

Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemns this attempt by the Crown Forces to blacken the name of Republicans in the local community. This is a common tactic of the RUC/PSNI as well as the Gardaí in the Free State. We have seen in recent times the amount of members of the Crown Forces who have been suspended on drug charges as well as drink-driving and various other serious offences. 


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