Another NATO ship breaking Irish neutrality

Sinn Féin Poblachtach in Cavan condemns the docking of a Dutch NATO warship on Friday 25th November in Cork and it is still there today Sunday 27th of November.

This is the fourth NATO warship to dock in Cork in the last few weeks and the question needs to be asked: is this a coincidence as the 26-County government continues to push the Irish people in the direction of ending Free State neutrality and joining a military alliance, ie the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

On June 16 last a British warship docked in Cork flying the Union Jack and left after two days.

The expansion of NATO following the end of the Cold War has been a destabilising factor in Europe.

In poll after poll the Irish people have expressed by a large majority their wish to remain a neutral state. Irish families have no wish to send their sons and daughters to fight foreign wars which increases the power of the US and other NATO states.

The Dutch ship Groningen is breaking the Hague Convention on Neutrality as are other NATO warships docking in Irish ports.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach has always strongly supported neutrality and will oppose any attempt to end the policy, including a referendum.

We call on people to protest this further incursion of a NATO warship in an Irish port.


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