British Crown Forces using drone technology to spy on Republicans/nationalists

Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemns the actions of what we believe to be an undercover British Crown Forces unit in an area of West Tyrone late on Saturday, November 19.

Two vehicles pulled into a quiet cul de sac and turned off their lights. A number of local residents observed four people in each vehicle, dressed in dark clothing with baseball caps. Some had their faces covered.

They opened the back of one of the vehicles and took out what appeared to be a drone. Once this was taken from one vehicle the other vehicle left the scene, leaving the occupants of one of the vehicles there.

The drone circled both at both a low and high altitude, circling around the Republican Sinn Féin member’s house and the surrounding area for approximately 25/30 minutes. The drone was then recorded being put back into a vehicle.


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