Maghaberry POWs embark on two week Hunger Strike

Sinn Féin Poblachtach extends solidarity greetings to the Republican POWs and Dr Issam Hijjawi in Maghaberry Concentration Camp who have embarked on a two week Hunger Strike over the treatment of Dr Issam Hijjawi by the Prison Authorities.

Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry are living in inhumane conditions and are subject to psychological abuse on a daily basis by the Maghaberry Regime. Dr Issam Hijjawi suffers from a number of medical conditions and is now forced into isolation in terrible conditions in Foyle House once again having just returned from an MRI scan.

This is an attempt by the Maghaberry Regime to break his spirit! We call for his immediate return to Roe House! For generations the British Government have tried to break the spirit of Republican POWs and have never succeeded!

Victory to the POWs!!

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