Support Nurses & Midwives

“SINN FÉIN Poblachtach support the Nurse’s and Midwives fully in their strike action tomorrow and ask you to join the picket’s.

The Nurse’s and Midwives are not looking for a pay rise,they are merely seeking pay restoration of 12% and better working Conditions.

Nurse’s and Midwives work at the coalface of the hospital’s throughout the country. Overstretched and overburdened this is not an action taken lightly but one that has 95% support from the INMO.

As one of those striking stated; “I would rather if we didn’t have to strike. No nurse wants the strike to go ahead because it will affect the patients and at the end of the day, their care is our priority.

“But, we’ve been left with no choice. Time and time again we’ve just been left down. And even with the strike we still don’t know if we’ll be heard.”

“The best outcome we can hope for from this strike is that the pay restoration is granted in order to retain the nurses we already have in this country and hopefully entice those working abroad to come back home.

“I don’t care about extra pay in my payslip. I care about patients getting proper quality care, I want to be able to work in conditions that are safe where every day I don’t worry that my registration is on the line.

“And that is why I’m striking”.

Support your Nurse’s and Midwives tomorrow.

PRO SINN FÉIN Poblachtach

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