BREAKING: Raids in Belfast

Tonight Sinn Féin Poblachtach have been informed that an RSF member was sitting in his partners house, when there 7 year old child told them “mummy the police are out the front”.  The RSF member went to the window and seen and heard them shouting, “Get the fuck out of the house now!”

The place was and is covered with RUC/PSNI & TSG along with dogs.  Our comrade went out to confront them, and was immediately jumped on and slammed to the ground with force, our comrade was heard screaming in pain and was then arrested and thrown into an armored jeep and taken to Musgrave interrogation Centre.  His partner was told to come out of the house with her 4 children who are in were in bed asleep, but she is refusing to do so, and her house is surrounded by the RUC/PSNI & TSG and they are going to search her house while the kids are there, this is happening now, and they are also searching the RSF members home.

The latest news we have is both houses are being ransacked.  These actions by those who maintain Crown law in occupied Ireland show the reality Republicans face if they challenge English rule.  The enforcers of England’s law, the Courts, Police and secret security services have been especially focused on RSF members of late.  Our members will neither be purchased nor intimidated.



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