Republicans Charged with attending 2018 Easter Rising Event

Preas Ráitheas

Eight Members of SINN FÉIN Poblachtach and one member of the public were in Craigavon british court today (22/01/2019) in relation to the Easter community Commemoration in Lurgan on Easter weekend 2018.

All eight members refused to stand or recognise the British court and all were fined sums ranging from £350-£650.

Two Members were found guilty of assault,and all eight of participating in the event.

In summing up the British Magistrate judge Peter King in his own words deemed the eight members “supporters or members of a proscribed organisation” and also branded them as terrorist’s which in effect is his own personal view,not one of legal substance.

Republican SINN FÉIN fully supports the community in Lurgan and their right to commemorate Ireland’s Patriot dead in whatever way fitting.We also send solidarity to all of our members in court today and commend them on their stance taken in relation to honoring those who fought for the Irish Republic of 1916.

There was also a heavy presence from the British police in and around the courthouse today.

PRO, SINN FÉIN Poblachtach


Meanwhile the Seán South Cumann of Sinn Féin Poblachtach in County Tyrone has responded on behalf of its members, some of which were charged in relation to the above;

“The Sean South Cumman Tir Eoghain would like to put on record after the trial involving 3 off our members as well as republicans from Lurgan, Derry & Belfast and a member of the public.  The case was in relation to a republican commemoration last Easter in which British crown forces stormed the parade and arrested a republican Sinn Féin color party.

These men were arrested for taking part in an illegal parade aswell as having or wearing items of clothing that indicate they were a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation. Some of the same republicans had charges of assaulting crown force members and resisting arrest, these men were all charged with the offences and were put on strict bail conditions.  Two Lurgan republicans spent a number of months interned in Maghaberry.

So onto trial on Tuesday 22nd of Jan exactly 10 months after the parade all 8 members were found guilty of the offences to the smiles of the RUC/PSNI, but we ask how having a parade in our own country illegal?? How is commemorating Ireland’s patriot dead a terrorist offence ?

Did the RUC/PSNI arrest any loyalist paramilitaries when they marched in full paramilitary uniforms with the UVF emblem? The answer is quite simple no they didn’t the only reason why republicans where stormed and assaulted off the streets of of the occupied 6 county’s is to please the likes of Carla Lockhart and Doug Beattie.

Our message for Carla Lockhart, Doug Beattie and the RUC/PSNI is that we will not be bullied and intimidated by anyone. We will continue to honour Ireland’s dead in any way we see fit regardless of what these people have to say. This year will be no different and Republicans will once again take to the streets to commemorate Ireland’s patriot dead. Despite the actions of the RUC PSNI in Lurgan last year you can be rest assured the annual commemoration will take place once again this year in Lurgan.

Do your worst because it wont be enough!

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