Welcome Home: Gabriel Mackle Released


We would like to take the time to clear the air on why this statement was, one late and two, published and then removed. Both can be answered together. The leadership of Republican Sinn Fein took the decision to have the statement removed because we did not want the statement to have an adverse effect on Gabriel’s release, anyone who knows why his license was revoked in the first place will understand. We appreciate those who were concerned enough to ask the two questions, but rest assured it was done in the interest of protecting a Republican. the original statement read below:

We are pleased to announce that our friend and comrade Gabriel Mackle is today back home with his family.

Ofcourse internment continues with Tony Taylor still suffering this injustice. We would urge all right thinking people to continue with every effort to bring pressure on the establishment to have Tony released. We at Republican Sinn Fein will do everything we can in aid of Tony and his family, and we are certain that Gabriel and his family appreciated the solidarity shown by the entire Republican/nationalist community.



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