British Death Squads and Former British Soldiers Threaten Republicans

Republicans being threatened by the state forces is nothing uncommon and something we have grown accustomed to. The establishment and their lackeys fear us and will go to any length to destroy us. One of our members received a message from a concerned citizen who is not republican but who was appalled that Loyalists and former British soldiers were posting pictures and addresses of Irish republicans on a Facebook page called, name and shame the IRA. 

This sinister page has not only posted images of Irish Republicans and there home addresses, but they have also included phone numbers. Loyalists have also posted pictures of certain Republican’s family members, adding what schools their children go to and what supermarkets they shop at.

We will not be naming any of our comrades but will make contact with those we seen in pictures to make them aware. Details also include places that employ Republicans. all this information met with death threats and vitriol. Even at times prompting responses from Loyalist filth to murder children.

The people involved in this Facebook page have also openly admitted to hacking email addresses, as a method of attaining information, the concerned citizen, commented that these people are putting innocents at risk, he did not go into further detail. Members of Na Fianna Eireann have been published on this page also.

We call on Facebook to remove this page before someone gets hurt or worse, we would also urge Facebook not to become aides to sectarian hatred and murder gangs.

The man allegedly behind this page is a former British soldier called Chris Perkin, his profile picture is of three British soldiers, the one in the middle is Denis Hutchings currently in court, charged with the murder of John-Pat Cunningham. This is the caliber of individual behind this page, vile rotten, murderous British state mercenaries who call for the execution of Republicans and their family members.

These threats come to light just after we reported one of our member in Lurgan receiving a bullet inside a sympathy card with a death threat written on the inside.

These people will never understand our resolve and commitment to the Irish Republic, you will not and cannot deter us from our ultimate goal.

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