No Respect for the Orange Institutions, Disband the RUC/PSNI

With this press release, we are going to address two issues which on some levels are intertwined. Firstly the laughable calls from DUP leader, Arlene Foster to show respect to the Orange Institutions and secondly the revelations in today’s press about corruption in the RUC/PSNI.

Dealing with the first issue, we must first state that we oppose any kind of sectarianism within our society; sectarianism only serves the British agenda of division and must be stamped out in all communities across Ireland. That however is not the agenda, Mrs Foster who has shown in her past and present deeds to be a willing bigot and seizes every opportunity to liquidate the Irish identity. She then calls for respect for the Orange Institutions, which are the embodiment of sectarian hatred on the isle of Ireland. How can she call for respect for those who have none for others, where is the respect from the Orange Institutions for the nationalist communities across the north? Who do not want them marching through their communities, disrupting their lives. Why don’t the Orange Institutions march in their own areas? It’s simply because they are supremacists who view all others to themselves as sub-human. We will always respect the ordinary Protestant people and their rights to liberties like every other Irish citizen, but we will never respect the Orange institution because they are sectarian and wrong. Arlene perhaps you should call on the Orange order to respect the nationalist community and cease marching in areas they are not wanted.

On to the second issue, corruption in the RUC/PSNI how surprising and what an absolutely shocking revelation. Of course we jest; this is something that the Republican and nationalist people have been saying since its inception. That they are inherently sectarian and have falsified evidence and statements in an effort to imprison people they have taken a disliking to. These people that Provisional Sinn Fein ask us to support, they are asking us to support according to reports, 1 out of 10 officers who have been charged over violating procedure or committing a criminal offense. Just look at the injustices the community has suffered recently, Martin Corey, Marian Price, the Craigavon two, Gabriel Mackle, Tony Taylor and Neil Hegarty. Who knows how many others went to court and were found guilty off the back of these suppose officers of the law, violating procedure and committing criminal offenses, of course to be Irish is an offense within the British injustice system.

Their excuse body the “police” federation was in full motion defending the statistics; the reality is these statistics are nothing but the tip of the iceberg in a corrupt paramilitary militia under the control of an equally corrupt administration who only seek to subdue what they see as the unruly Irish. As we said yesterday it is our belief, that the RUC/PSNI are complicit in the death threat received by one of our Lurgan members and have told a number of us on many occasions that we would be got. We again call for the disbandment of this corrupt organisation and urge everyone to withdraw their support for this charade.



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