Provisional Sinn Féin complicit in British Rule


Statement issued from the Republican Sinn Féin Publicity Department, 13/11/2017.

A Cháirde,

Today yet again Stormont has virtually been brought to the brink of collapse with the budget taken to Westminster for approval.  What does this mean?  It basically means that Provisional Sinn Féin have yet again become a complicit partner in Tory austerity and have failed to protect the people and all this began when they signed up to the GFA, they would forever be in servitude to their British master.

With the Universal Credit Scheme being introduced as part of the Tory Austerity programme people are to look forward with despair to a 6 week period without money.

A member of Republican Sinn Féin went to their local jobs and benefits office to find out information on the Universal Credit Scheme to be confront with a dumbfounded response of “we are not trained in that yet”, with three months until it comes into effect in two counties, Derry and Armagh and the people ushering it in have yet to be trained, what an absolute disgrace.

Where should the anger be focused?  Focus it towards your local Provisional Sinn Féin representative, ask your elected ministers for your 6 weeks of delayed benefits, will they accept their complicity and pay your bills? No they won’t they will lie, deny and decry it was the unionists or the British government who failed you.  Who are they trying to kid, they have failed you and have been failing you since 1998.

Also Today the British government are considering negotiating with Iran for the release of one of their citizens, while at the same time they have interned two Irishmen in the occupied 6 counties, Gabriel Mackle and Tony Taylor and continue to hold many others on remand for up to and over 3 years.  Again Provisional Sinn Féin are complicit with internment of Republican Prisoners, complicit in the ill treatment of the POWs and the continued denial of Political Status within the Gaol.  They have voiced their opposition to internment but have showed a complete inability to prevent it and have done in one respect a service to the republican cause by demonstrating in effect that the British government still administer the affairs of Irishmen and women in the occupied 6 counties.

They have done more still, they have allowed without so much as a whisper of opposition to the operation to the British Army in the occupied 6 counties and the sinister MI5 who have more or less taken control of the security services here along with the prison service and have yet again begun to play a political chess game against the people of Ireland, where everyone is a pawn and we are all expendable.

Beir Bua, An Phoblacht Abú.

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