Republican Sinn Féin Protest Against RUC/PSNI Harassment


Today (11/11/2017) Republican Sinn Féin held a peaceful and dignified protest outside Lurgan police station.  The purpose of the protest was to highlight the ongoing harassment of republicans from these thugs in uniform.

We also used the opportunity to to raise awareness of the arrest and internment of our friend and comrade Gabriel Mackle.  He had his license revoked on the word of the British secretary of state for no other reason than being a republican.

It is ironic that while protesting against this harassment the PSNI/RUC bully boys tried to provoke members into a confrontation and made snide remarks.

The protest was well attended by members of various cumainn from across Ireland and also by members from England.

There was much talk and scaremongering from Loyalists in the run up to the protest with significant media coverage highlighting the counter protest that never happened!

Two statements were delivered on the day, from the RSF Publicity Department and Ulster PRO they are attached below.

Statement one: statement1_rsf

Statement two: statement2_rsf


Republican Sinn Féin Publicity Department



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