Turkey: Regime Targets Lawyers of Hunger Strikers

Preas Ráiteas / Press Release
“In Turkey 18 lawyers for the jailed hunger strikers, Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça were detained by the security services.  This is just a few days before the trial for the two teachers begins. According to the People’s Law Bureau “the homes of 18 lawyers were raided”.
The teachers are today on the 188 day of their hunger strike for justice.  They only seek their jobs back which were taken from them arbitrarily by the Erdogan administration, they have been held in the Sincan prison hospital since July 29th.
The hunger strike was not undertaken lightly, but was the result of the sacking of more than 150,000 state employees, of this number over 1300 are lawyers. Others arrested are academics, judges, civil servants and police.  For many of those arrested their only “crime” is to have different political leanings that the AKP or to have signed petitions calling for an end to the attacks on the Kurdish people.
Sinn Féin Poblachtach call on everyone to highlight this issue, of the arrests of these lawyers, the tactic of arresting those working for justice is well known to those involved in the Irish struggle over the years.  The current Turkish regime are NATO members and are on the accession list for EU membership.”
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