Brutality towards the POWs continues into the second day


Preas Ráitheas / Press Release – August 11, 2016

“The strategic violence inflicted upon Republican POWs was beyond contempt. Not only were the riot squad involved in yet another controversial incident regarding Republican POWs, those who delegate the brutality [the governors] decided this time to inflict it with their own hands, physically striking our men behind the wire. Two governors found it acceptable to strike two POWs, this is a sign of what is to come; if they believe that Republican POWs will cower they are wrong; if they believe we on the outside will do nothing they are also wrong. We cannot stand idle, we must not be silent, our brave POWs are being brutalised and beaten because they will not conform, they will not accept the label of criminality.

“As we reported yesterday there where two separate incidents, resulting in three POWs being assaulted, verbally at first then physically; these three men were then dragged off to the boards. There has been no contact made with the men that we are aware of and their condition, health and well being remain unknown. The Prisoners fight everyday so that the Republic we hold true to remains a possibility, that our revolutionary politics will never be criminalised. Our men belong at home in a free nation. The only crime is the crime of occupation, the numberless crimes and atrocities inflicted by a foreign people in a land they know nothing of and have zero claim to.

“We may speak out, they may censor us, but our actions cannot be as easily hidden or discarded. Our solidarity and our commitment remain with the brave and gallant POWs who will not be brushed under the carpet; who will not be criminalised and who will not be appeased with petty agreements that the other side never honour. They are Political Prisoners of a sporadic war that has engulfed our nation for centuries, and let history remember the Continuity of Unbroken and Unbowed Republican Prisoners of War of the 21st century.”


POW Department Republican Sinn Féin

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