POWs Targeted as British Campaign of Oppression Increases


Preas Ráitheas / Press Release  10-08-2016

Over this past few weeks Republican P.O.Ws have documented an increase in hostility from the screws.  Although this is nothing new in the overall fight for political recognition, it has been over the top with screws deliberately provoking reactions and going out of their way to cause conflict.

Today has seen Republican prisoners being abused verbally and following an exchange of words two P.O.Ws were then assaulted by the riot team and the landing was put into lockdown.  This confined Republican Prisoners behind the door, the lockdown lifted but then no less than half an hour later another P.O.W was beaten by the riot squad as they invaded the landing with batons shields and dogs.

The landing is again on lockdown and our P.O.Ws are locked behind the green door and giving the fact that the men will not eat whilst they are locked down we call for the lockdown to be removed and the men to be allowed to freely associate again, free from the intimidation and thuggery we have seen today.


POW Department Republican Sinn Fein


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