Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

Peadar Mac Maghnuis, National Co-Chair, Eire Nua US, August 2, 2016


The road towards a united Ireland is fraught with obstacles, inherent and protected in the political and economic status quo. In this climate, any proposal guaranteeing equal rights and opportunity to all the people of Ireland is not welcome. The initiatives put forward by the British and Dublin governments are minor revisions to the Treaty of 1921, primarily intended to perpetuate the status quo, and therefore destined to end in failure.

The Eire Nua proposed Constituent Assembly would be representative of the whole people of Ireland and would be elected by the suffrage of the adult population. The assembly’s sole function would be to draft a new Constitution. The draft Constitution would then be submitted to the people in a referendum for acceptance or rejection. This open democratic process would be more meaningful to the Irish people today than the closed door meetings held between the same politicians who have failed the people so often in the past. All elements of Irish society would be free to contest the election for the Assembly. This approach would ensure that the relations of the Irish people with each other and with the world at large would be determined through free and open debate.

In order for this process to succeed all politicians and political parties expressing an interest in or concern for Ireland’s future must put aside their differences and participate for the common good. In addition, all those individuals and political parties now excluded must be included in the process and allowed access to the media. If for no other reason, the Irish people deserve the opportunity to participate in such a process.


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