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In a statement issued on January 11, 2016 the RSF National Director of Publicity commented on the recent creation of a cross border Crime Task Force.

Republican Sinn Féin’s alternative, the Éire Nua Policy for a four Province Federal Democratic Socialist Republic would see both Partitionist Assemblies replaced with four Provincial Parliaments and a new National Parliament based in Athlone. The Éire Nua proposals provide the framework for a new beginning for all the Irish people free from the consistent failures of British rule.

In the statement Seán Ó Dubhláin had the following to say;

“The new cross border ‘Crime Task Force’ established recently by the Stormont, Westminster, Leinster House axis is yet another example of the failed path taken by Provisional Sinn Féin as they become ever more embedded within the British constitutional system.

This however should come as no surprise, but it should serve if ever it was needed as a further wake up call to the Provisional’s grassroots, particularly to the youth members born into that organisation. The path of Provisional Sinn Féin is one of total and irreversible compromise. Since the acceptance of Leinster House we have witnessed in stark detail what Ruairí Ó Brádaigh explained would happen.

There can be no justifying the unjustifiable in the context of the denial of Irish independence but that is exactly what will happen during this next phase of the normalisation process. The ‘British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly – BIPA’, a collaborative body comprising of influential decision makers from Leinster House, Stormont and Westminster, proposed the creation of a ‘New Border Corridor’. This essentially allows members of armed colonial police in the PSNI cross into the Free State for several miles, fully backed and supported with the collaboration of An Garda Síochána.

To Provisional Sinn Féin this marks another step towards Gerry Adams’ New Ireland as the border slowly disintegrates. True republicans should never forget this simple truth, during every stage in the Republican struggle from the 1790’s until the partition of Ireland every uprising and effort for freedom was made in a united Ireland. This alone was not the objective of our struggle. The objective was and remains the expulsion of alien British rule, not its direct or indirect maintenance. So we must ask ourselves and importantly the grass-roots within the Provisional’s, if this is called progress towards a United Ireland in 2016; what kind of United Ireland are we moving towards?

It is ironic that Gerry Adams in attacking the Éire Nua Programme in 1982; called it a sob to unionism, he has now entered into a political reality where his survival is based on sobbing to unionism, it seems that integrated collaboration is the next step of ‘normalisation.’

Sinn Féin Poblachtach stands for the full sovereignty of the Irish nation, of all its territory and we will never under any circumstances accept British colonial police and British law in any part of Ireland, we call on the Irish people to meet every arm of the British establishment in Ireland with open hostility.”


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