Éire Nua and Noraid

We are sharing this open letter from Peadar Mac Maghnuis about the Éire Nua programme and its revival in the United States amongst the Irish community, many of whom are starting to realise that the Belfast Agreement is not going to deliver Irish unity and freedom.

A Chara,

While going over some old documents, I happened to come across one in particular that should hold interest for SAOIRSE and Noraid readers. This being the Ad journal from Irish Northern Aid’s 1972 dinner dance. Featured on the front cover is Éire Nua. That was no accident. It was placed on the front cover page for good reason. Éire Nua, at the time, was widely known and supported. Even Unionist figures were willing to speak with the Republican leaders Ruiarí Ó Brádiagh and Dáithí Ó Conaill in discussion on Éire Nua – and find points of common agreement on a federal Ireland! This gave people so much hope.

Alas, despite all this, the Éire Nua program would be undermined by a Free state/British axis and eventually scuttled by the Adamsite leadership. From the year that journal was published over 3000 people, many of whom were non-combatants, were killed for yet another British arrangement – the sectarian based ‘peace process” which maintains the partition of Ireland.

Former Noraid members, now senior citizens, will remember those times. Those early days of hope that Éire Nua gave us. They will also remember the tremendous dedication and hard work that activists in America gave at that time for the cause, and wonder: “what happened?” They and their work should never be forgotten and they should reap their harvest. Yet despite all the setbacks and betrayals the program that gave all the hope all those years ago is still here. Éire Nua survived. It is also actually going through a period of renewal here in America as older activists return to it and, more importantly perhaps, younger activists find it.

Awareness and support for Éire Nua is growing. Any American readers who wish to get away from the despair of betrayals and asking ‘what happened?’ and wishes to get back to the hope of ‘what can happen’ please get in touch with the Éire Nua Committee. The website is eirenua.net. The email is eirenua.anois@gmail.com. Or, drop them a line Éire Nua, PO Box 207274, New Haven CT 06511.
Eire Nua U.S. Committee
Peadar Mac Maghnuis, CT USA

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