We commend those who are part of the campaign to defeat ‘Irish Water’

Préas Ráiteas / Press Release

Yet another member of Republican Sinn Féin in Dublin was in court on June 8, 2015 charged in connection with a water protest in September last in Dublin city centre. Ailéan Ó Broin, along with eight others, was charged under the Public Order Act for allegedly sitting on O’Connell Street when the march was over and blocking the traffic, a charge he denies.

Five people were sentenced on June 8, three others are up for a hearing in September. Ailéan was fined €200 with six months to pay or five day imprisonment in default.

Ailéan is adamant that he was not sitting on the road as CCTV footage proves, and he is considering an appeal.

A Republican Sinn Féin spokesperson said, “We are calling on the Irish people to speak up and speak direct, October last year saw according to estimates up to one hundred thousand people take to the streets of Dublin from all over the country to say they do not want to pay for water, that they did not want the quango that is ‘Irish Water’ and that they do not want our most precious resource falling into private hands.”

“The Free State Government needs to be challenged and knocked down a few pegs, for too long they have gotten away with too much, the coming months will see a revitalised national effort to defeat ‘Irish Water’ and we in RSF commend those who are part of that campaign.”

In a further development a member of Republican Sinn Féin, Martin Reilly from Drogheda who was unjustly suspended from his job for attending protests against the imposition of water meters and charges was reinstated after a public outcry against his dismissal.

At the time of the suspension, Martin commented, “What did I do wrong? I have a civil right to protest, I wasn’t abusive, I didn’t physically interfere with anyone, and I have not been arrested or charged with any offence.

“I have a democratic right to voice my opinion in a peaceful manner which is precisely what I did on the night, and yet this happens to me.”


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