I don’t believe that we have cavemen in the country

doheny-nesbitt-pat-rabbitte-390x285On August 27, the Ruairí Ó Brádaigh/Maolmhuire O’Raghallaigh Cumman of Republican Sinn Féin Wicklow responded to the disgusting comments made by Free State politician Pat Rabbitte.

“I don’t believe that we have cavemen in the country,” he told RTE Radio.

To Mr. Rabbitte, cavemen are “people who don’t watch television and don’t access content on their iPad or their iPhone or whatever”.

Who could blame people for not having a television? Given the quality of programming Rabbitte and his colleagues are producing through their propaganda machine RTE its a wonder anyone has one. One could easily be fooled into thinking it was BBC or ITV they were watching with the amount of foreign shows which are on its weekly schedule. The amount of indigenous home grown talent which is showcased is at a minimal. However the reality is Rabbitte and his cronies have to think up a new way of keeping the like of Ryan Tubridy in €500,000 worth of wages.

RTE will try and sell it to us that the likes of Love/Hate (its main ratings generator) makes it well worth the money. A programme which claims to have a “Republican” element in its storyline, without actually depicting a Republican at any stage. RTE will also try to sell us their “lively” current affairs programmes, which are completely censored. Any person who deviates from the status quo or hold Republican views have no hope in hell of ever getting their opinion voiced it would seem. RTE’s idea of a Republican debate is Pearse Doherty and Michael Martin talking out of both sides of their mouth, calling themselves Republicans whilst sitting in a partitionist parliament and taking a tidy wage for it.

Pat Rabbitte proposes that all principal residential households will have to pay a new broadcasting charge, which is due to replace the current TV licence fee.

The people of Wicklow will see this for exactly what it is, YET another stealth tax which will take money from the pockets of those who are already at the pin of there collar. They will also see Pat Rabbitte for what he is. Many will remember how he came down to Wicklow Town in the summer of 1985 and closed the single biggest employer in the area down overnight. This was despite the fact it had healthy operating profits. It decimated the area and destroyed peoples livelihoods. How ironic it is that almost 30 years on he is still doing his best to destroy working people.

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