Tá Fiann James Templeton in ár smaointe ar an lá seo.

 Today is the 38th anniversary of his death.

The Templeton family lived on the Lower Ormeau Road in South Belfast. They were a family of five, with James, his parents and his two sisters. He received his education locally, and is remembered as a generous and playful boy. He was also very much in tune with the fashion of the day and had a fondness for attending discos. He found his first job in a bag factory in Talbot Street.

James entered the ranks of the Republican Movement in 1973, joining Na Fianna Éireann. He attended many lectures and meetings in order to prepare him for when he would progress to the Irish Republican Army. He was eager to join in the fight for freedom, and like many others in Na Fianna he did so whenever the opportunity arose.

On August 29th 1975, James and a friend were chatting to a doorman outside the Rose and Crown public house when a car pulled up. The car was being commandeered by Loyalist gunmen and they opened fire, hitting James with two bullets. His mother arrived at the hospital just as he was being wheeled into the theatre. They spoke for a few emotional moments during which James expressed his desire to live. Sadly, he died from his wounds shortly afterwards. He was 15 years old.