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Republican Sinn Féin redesigned their national website Together with the monthly paper SAOIRSE, the internet is the most important tool to spread the republican message in the 21st century. The redesign of the national website is in line with significant developments of Republican Sinn Féin on the internet and social media. The new national website will be an important tool to make Republicanism and the Republican Movement more relevant to the people of Ireland in the run-up to the 1916-Centenary.

In the 1990s Republican Sinn Féin was among the first political organisations in Ireland to have a permanent and professional online presence by launching the national website and an online archive of the republican paper Saoirse on Since then the internet became an essential part in the life of most people. To fulfil the requirements of the 21st century Republican Sin Féin decided to develop a new and modern online presence.

In early 2012 Republican Sinn Féin set up a Committee to develop the online presence of the organisation and establish a modern and vibrant online presence of Republican Sinn Féin. Since 2012 Republican Sinn Féin set up a new official Facebook page, a national Twitter account as well as an international Twitter account and a YouTube account. Further steps to develop the profile of Irish republicanism on the internet were made by setting up a new international website which is accessible on and temporary website of the Republican campaign against the EU Austerity Treaty in May 2012 and a website for the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum 2013.

In autumn 2012 Republican Sinn Féin launched four provincial websites to make the republican voice be heard on a local level in Ireland. Republican Sinn Féin in the four provinces of Ireland is available on,, and

There is no change in the domain-name of the redesigned national websites. It stays

The international website is

Republican Sinn Féin on Facebook:

Republican Sinn Féin on YouTube:

National Twitter-Account:

International Twitter-Account:

All these websites and social media sites are officially maintained by Republican Sinn Féin. They provide news, history and events relevant to Irish Republicanism, Republican Sinn Féin and the Republican Movement.

The online presence, in particular the new redesigned national website, is a work-in-progress. Thus all websites will be constantly updated and redeveloped to fulfil the needs of a relevant political movement in the 21st century.

For any technical enquiries and all questions regarding the online presence of Republican Sinn Féin please contact:


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