Liam Campbell Campaign

This page is dedicated to the campaign to the raise awareness for Liam Campbell. Liam is a lifelong Irish Republican. For 12 years he has been victim of a witch-hunt at the hands of the Lithuanian authorities on foot of a European Arrest Warrant. In 2009 Liam was arrested, spent four years in prison, the case for extradition was thrown out in 2013 by a Belfast court. On his return to the 26 counties he was arrested again. In 2020 the High Court ordered Liam Campbell’s Extradition to Lithuania, a country he has NEVER set foot in.

Contact Sinn Féin Poblachtach;

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Fermanagh has become the first county in the whole of Ireland to pass a motion regarding the wrongful extradition of Liam Campbell. Sinn Féin Poblachtach would like to thank Independent Councillor Bernice Swift not only was it her that brought the motion up but also the amount of work she does highlighting injustices not only here in Ireland but throughout the world. Thank You very much Bernice from all at Republican Sinn Fein Cavan/Fermanagh. The motion was seconded by PSF Cllr Sheamus Greene. Unionists were all against the motion while another Independent Councillor Donal O Coffey abstained.


Having endured successive European arrest warrants issued by the Lithuanian state, served on him by agents of the British and their free state counterparts here in Ireland, we the people demand an end to the injustices suffered daily by Liam Campbell. We are united, alongside the Campbell family to show our conviction and solidarity to STOP THE EXTRADITION OF LIAM CAMPBELL!

Photograph, 04/07/2020 at the Lithuanian Embassy

It’s Your Duty! What Can I Do?

Raise awareness by using the hashtag #donthandhimover

Lobby Your Local Politicians and Elected Representatives.

Follow on Social Media & attend events organised for Liam.

Contact the Lithuanian Embassy in Ireland calling for an end to this.

Degrading and inhumane

In 2013 the Belfast Recorder’s Court refused to order Liam Campbell’s extradition to Lithuania on the basis that he was likely to be held in conditions which would be inhuman and degrading. This is also the argument that his legal team made before the High Court.

United Nations Committee Against Torture

A 2019 United Nations Committee Against Torture report on Lithuanian prisons expressed serious concerns about the conditions in which prisoners were held across the entire Lithuanian prison system. Chief among the Committee’s concerns were cases of extreme physical and psychological violence from the guards (which even happened during the visit). The committee also reported high levels of violence (including sexual abuse), intimidation, and exploitation among prisoners. The Committee was particularly critical of the fact that the prison guards tolerate this violence and do not do enough to keep prisoners safe.

European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)

In a 2018 report by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT). The CPT report found that staffing levels were totally inadequate in ensuring the safety of prisoners. The CPT delegation also reported a number of allegations of physical violence against prisoners by prison staff including by members of ‘Special Intervention Units’, both those run by the Prison Department and those run by the Public Security Service of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior. The report also noted that overcrowding and lack of adequate living space for prisoners remains a major issue despite it being previously raised as an issue.

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