LIAM CAMPBELL: End Collaboration and Extradition.


Ráiteas – Statement: 19/10/2017

“The arguments put forward today by the 26 county state in favor of surrendering Liam Campbell for extradition to Lithuania should come as no surprise to anyone, let alone Irish Republicans.  The fact the prison that he will more than likely be held awaiting trial is a former Concentration Camp will not impact on their thinking considering that the Free State will happily evict families with children from their homes to exist in sheltered accommodation or worse, have to live on the streets in door ways and tents.

For the Barristers and Solicitors of the 26 county administration, being an Irish Republican is evidence enough for conviction, jail, extradition and incarceration.

Should Liam Campbell be extradited he will not be the first Irish Republican to be sent to foreign jurisdictions, be held for weeks, months and even years only to be released due to a lack of evidence or complete innocence.  We need only look back to the extradition of Ryan McKenna or Dessie Ellis for proof of how easily the state will extradite those who were later proved innocent of the charges put before the court.

While the maximum term of imprisonment, if proved guilty is 20 years, Liam has already spent many years incarcerated in different jurisdictions for this alleged offence.  His extradition from the Occupied Six Counties was denied already and on a previous occasion, in the 26 County State Courts the case did not proceed, yet here we have Liam and his family put through another torturous series of appearance’s in front of the courts.

The fact that the state, through the Dept of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is eager and willing to extradite this family man to a concentration camp, where no one speaks his native tongue does not bode well for others who are fighting extradition to face British “justice”.

Considering the so-called special relationship the 26 County State has with Westminster along with the fact that police from either jurisdiction transfer easily to and from each others forces. The word of a member of the British colonial police will carry as much weight as that of the 26 County Police, and as many of us know, corruption within 26 County police is endemic but their word in the Courts is seldom if ever questioned by the Courts.

The case for Liam will resume tomorrow and is expected to last just three days, anyone available should try attend and show support for this man.”


  • Republican Sinn Féin, Publicity Department.

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