Don’t hand him over

Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemns the decision by the Court of Appeal in the 26-County State today (July 28, 2021) to reject Liam Campbell’s appeal against his extradition to Lithuania, a country he has never even stepped foot in.

It is an appalling decision, even the Six-County state, which is well known for its disregard for human rights, would not extradite Liam to Lithuania as it would be a breach of his human rights. Liam spent over four years in Maghaberry Gaol in Co Antrim while fighting this extradition and won his case.

Lithuania has a well-documented history of human rights abuse within their jails. It would be a crime to extradite Liam, the Lithuanian government has not made a decision to try him.

Should Liam be extradited to Lithuania it is most likely he will spend years in a overcrowded rat infested prison and never be found guilty of any crime. Sinn Féin Poblachtach sends support and solidarity to Liam and his family and will continue to support him against this abuse of his human rights.


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