Scenes at right-wing march in Dublin predictable

The scenes in Dublin today (February 27) were predictable, and were predicted, but ignored because it was Republicans who made the predictions. Not too long back when Republicans confronted some of the same right-wing groups and a stun grenade was thrown by these groups at Republicans it was totally ignored by both the State police and media.

Prior to this incident, the National Party, Yellow Vests and others of their ilk were facilitated in their marches and demonstrations in different cities and towns. Attacks on counter-demonstrations by these groups were continually ignored unless footage appeared online. On those occasions, even when attacks on counter-demonstrators were plain to see, the police came up with the usual tripe and said “it would be investigated”.

Not until today, when the group has become so emboldened as to openly attack the police, have they really confronted these right-wing groups. The State and its police have known the nature of these groups but allowed them to rise as it suited the “divide and conquer” agenda against the working-classes.

While it is clear the 26-County Establishment abandoned the majority of those living in this State and is clearly looking after themselves and others of the elite, the way forward to counter them is through socialism, through looking after one another not these opportunist right-wing groups, who have already picked up and dropped several topical issues when it suited them.


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