US troops breaking Covid regulations at Shannon

Sinn Féin Poblachtach calls for the withdrawal of US military aircraft at Shannon Airport

The use of Shannon Airport by US troops has long been a bone of contention, with claims of arms and ammunition aboard, as well as credible reports of individuals being transported to Guantanamo, having been kidnapped in the various war zones where the USA operates.
While the 26-County police consistently refuses to examine any US craft for prisoners or munitions, a new issue arose that is a serious cause for concern.

In one instance a US navy C40A aircraft landed at Shannon Airport on January 25 en route from Bahrain, carrying five crew and 48 military personnel. The Irish Examiner reported that those on board stayed overnight in a Limerick Hotel – “without any evidence of negative PCR Covid-19 tests or passenger locator forms as required by law since January 9” – before taking off for the US the following morning, during which time they left to purchase food locally. No Covid-19 tests were deemed necessary by the troops or indeed it seems the US authorities, as special treatment has always been given to US military by the 26-County administration.

‘On January 28, an Omni Air International aircraft on contract to the US military landed at Shannon and after refuelling flew on towards Rota Air Base in southern Spain. However, due to heavy fog, it returned to Shannon, where 226 passengers disembarked and spent the night at local hotels.
‘On February 8 another flight landed at Shannon with passengers allowed to stay overnight at a local hotel’. Requests for information re Covid-19 compliance, on these two flights, was ignored.

While the mainstream media has done some reporting on this, in the main the media focuses on writing articles about individuals getting fined by Gardaí for being five kilometres outside their home. Yet when US troops land here in huge numbers and openly breach Covid regulations nothing is said and the Gardaí are certainly not out issuing them fines.

Thousands are out of work here and under strict lockdown conditions which is having a terrible effect on the well-being and mental health of people of all ages. The 26-County State has handled the Covid-19 situation badly. The ordinary people of Ireland are bearing the brunt of the pandemic restrictions while the ruling elite and their allies seem to be free to do as they wish. Micháel Martin was willing to fly to the USA to deliver a bowl of shamrock to Joe Biden (who decided against the visit) while Joe Soap cannot drive 10k to a beach to walk his dog without getting fined – a case of do as I say not as I do.

This past year has shown us the detrimental effect partition has had on Ireland. Sinn Féin Poblachtach is adamant that a 32-County approach would have saved many lives. If an all-Ireland approach had been taken, Ireland might now be in a situation similar to other island nations such as New Zealand and Australia.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach also calls for a cessation in the use of Shannon Airport or any of Ireland’s airports or ports by US military forces, or any other military force in the world. Ireland is a neutral country and cannot have any part in facilitating imperial wars across the globe.


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