Do not buy from Debenhams shops online

It came as no surprise that KPMG were successful in obtaining an injunction against the Debenhams workers in the High Court in Dublin on October 13.

The stand the workers have taken against the move by Debenhams owners to close the shop during the lock-down is admirable and we all should support the workers in their demand for proper redundancy.

Only a few months ago the political elite refused to support the workers and sided with big business, as is usual, when they were asked to support those who were thrown on the scrapheap. We are now looking at “Clery’s mark 2” where an uncaring state abandons their workers in favour of capitalists who see the chance of making better profits outside of retail business.

Now is the time for worker unity: for all trade unionists to contact their officials, their executive, their Branch secretaries and their General Secretaries to condemn KPMG and their actions and demand proper redundancy for the Debenhams strikers. It is the least they could do. They should also consider calling a general strike or have the well-paid union bosses become comfortable with offering a pittance to workers while they themselves live the high life?

We call on everyone to stand in solidarity with the Debenhams workers, for soon other workers will find themselves in the same position.

The workers have asked for help: “We appeal for people to turn out in large numbers to the picket-lines for the days ahead where we anticipate fresh attempts at grabbing stock will be made by the liquidator. Please bring a facemask and adhere to social distancing guidelines.”

Next time you see the striking workers outside Debenhams shops/warehouse go to them, let them know you support them STAND WITH THE DEBENHAM STRIKERS and most of all, DO NOT BUY FROM DEBENHAMS SHOPS ONLINE.


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