Sinn Féin Poblachtach take part in Counter Demo against the fascist National Party

Members of Sinn Féin Poblachtach took part today in a counter demo against the National Party’s so-called “Anti-Mask protest outside Leinster House

A broad spectrum of left groups were involved as well as individuals. As we all reached the front of Leinster House we were met with a short barrage of bottles, cans (full) and other small missiles. More sinister was the use of Thunder Flashes (sound grenades). The reaction from the counter protest was swift, and for the NP, frightening. Barriers were quickly pulled aside in an effort to get to those throwing missiles.

The NP immediately called for, and received the assistance of the Twenty Six county police. The attached photo shows the aggressive manner these police faced off the counter protest in comparison to their demeanor towards those who had just used explosives on the streets of Dublin.
Undeterred the majority of us remained on the streets in front of Leinster House until the NP had to be escorted away. Several attempts were made by NP members or supporters to enter our lines from the rear, but all were turned away in one manner or another.

It is undeniable that there is a rise of a plethora of right-wing groups in Ireland and across the EU, this must and will be opposed by ourselves and others. The Right have nothing to offer other then hate and division, whether it be because of race, colour, creed, sex or sexual orientation. They have adopted a number of causes as a cover for their hate thinking. They will drop these causes when and if it suits their agenda.


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