British intelligence in charge of policing across 32 Counties

Preas Ráiteas / Press Release

The recent raids across the 32 counties of Ireland proves several things. Firstly, that British intelligence is now, once again, in charge of policing across all of Ireland. With MI5 agent Drew Harris now working as commissioner of the 26-County State police co-operation between the two forces in Ireland has never been stronger. It is clear that orders from the highest level of British intelligence were conveyed to Garda HQ to co-ordinate with the Six-County police on the date and time to raid a wide variety of addresses across Ireland.

These raids led to the arrest of nine people in the Occupied Six Counties and one arrested at Heathrow Airport and it subsequently emerged that a British agent had been responsible for providing the information and so-called evidence which led to these raids and arrests. Whether Denis Mc Fadden is a tout or an agent is in many ways irrelevant, his word cannot be taken at face value, he is an integral part of the British war-machine.

Secondly, these events prove that the British State will do anything in order to remove those who oppose their agenda within the Occupied Six Counties. In this case they deliberately set about entrapping people by placing a person with organisational and computer skills into a group in order to disrupt and entrap leadership members.

An integral part of these plans for the British “war on terror” will be courts where justice for Republicans is non-existent. The men and women arrested will, most likely, languish for years in cells awaiting trial, on trial, conviction, appealing conviction and IF lucky they will eventually be freed, but only after spending a long time in jail.

We need only look at the case of the Craigavon Two to know that British justice in Ireland means no justice for Republicans who oppose the occupation. Even one of the top British Human Rights judges said their conviction was unsafe, yet they are still in jail on the word of another tout. The recent jailing of Christine Connor for 20 years shows the cruelty and vindictiveness of the British State.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemns the role of the British State and intelligence services in any part of Ireland. We call for the release of the men and women arrested and jailed on these trumped-up charges. The use of supergrasses is not a new tactic; it has been used in the past against the Republican/nationalist people of the Occupied area.

Those who call for information to be passed on to the renamed and discredited police in Occupied Ireland need to look long and hard at themselves and the political parties they support. You cannot legitimately call yourself a Republican and at the same time not oppose this form of “policing and justice”.


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