A victory for the Irish People


The Free State Fine Gael led Government has cancelled its commemoration for the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) and the Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP), Auxiliaries and Black & Tans which had been due to take place on 17 January.

This follows a major backlash from various elected representatives and County Councils which voted to boycott the event.

A Counter Demonstration was due to take place on January 17 with many expressing in the spirit of 1920 their militant opposition to all vestiges of British rule in Ireland.

While the Free State waters down history in the schools and removes it entirely from the curriculum they expect the Irish people to forget their own past and the suffering and genocides that British rule imposed on the people of Ireland.

The message sent to Leo Varadkar, Charlie Flanagan and the other west-British elements in the counter revolutionary Leinster House was that this is totally unacceptable.  No other nation on earth commemorates its oppressors.

The cancellation of this ‘commemoration of British crown forces’  is a victory for now for the Irish people.  But the West British elements looking to rewrite our history are still at work.  Apathy needs to be discarded and vigilance cranked up.


Sinn Féin Poblachtach

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