British oppressors to be commemorated by the 26 County State


Preas Ráiteas

On January 17th the Twenty-Six County State Government plan on commemorating members of the Royal Irish Constabulary who were killed prior to the partition of Ireland.

Twenty-Six County State Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and former RUC Special Branch member and current Garda Commissioner Drew Harris are due to address those in attendance.  Flanagan is of the belief that these same RIC men were just “doing their job and were murdered in the line of duty” and were also “maintaining the rule of law”.

No Irish person should need reminding of the atrocities carried out by the RIC and those they supported, ‘The Black and Tans’.

Memorials dot the roadsides across the country to remember those who were brutally murdered at their hands. Cork and Ballybrigan were burned to the ground by the Black and Tans.

During the Irish Holocaust it was the RIC who helped carry out evictions and defended the food that was shipped out of Ireland every week.

It comes as no surprise that Drew Harris shall be in attendance. He is as guilty of crimes against the Irish people as any former RIC member. Harris is involved in the collusion and cover up of the murder of innocent Irish civilians at the hands of Pro British death squads. His loyalties lie with the British Crown.

We call on everyone to come out and show the Twenty-Six County State government your opposition to this commemoration. No self respecting nation would commemorate those who occupied them. I see no commemorations in London for the Luftwaffe Bombers who bombed it to the ground and rightly so. The only time we should commemorate British terrorists such as the RIC or the Black and Tans is when we remember successful operations carried out by Irish Revolutionaries.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach will be to the fore protesting this commemoration and any future commemoration to remember British terrorists in Ireland.


Sinn Féin Poblachtach

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