Communities must stand together against drug dealers & state sponsored harassment

1Preas Ráiteas

“Late last night a member of Sinn Féin Poblachtach was attacked by a drug gang using knuckle-dusters. This is not the first time a Republican has been attacked by such gangs because of their anti-drug stand.

Earlier in the week the IRSP highlighted that a known Loyalist was brought into the New Lodge by a drug gang and actually opened fire on some youths who challenged him.

It is clear that the state police know and allow this to happen in order to destabilize our communities. They are everywhere when we go about our business, harassing, stopping+searching and abusing us, yet when armed loyalists and drug dealers openly attack and attempt to intimidate our members the peelers are mysteriously absent.

It is time that, as communities, we look out for each other. The state through its security forces are bent on destroying the certain communities. If you notice suspicious activity, if you notice drug dealing bring it to the attention of local activists”


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