Harassment against Revolutionary Republicans continues but fails to work


A community activist and Cumann member was arrested and charged this morning in relation to an anti-racist demonstration in Dublin two years ago.

The demonstration was against Pegida a far-right wing group who tried to establish a branch in Ireland in February 2016.

Hundreds of people took to O Connell Street on February 6, 2016 to protest the setting up of an Irish branch of the fascist group. A Garda based at Crumlin station in Dublin was charged with assaulting a RTE cameraman on the day. The cameraman had been filming the demonstration when he was repeatedly hit by the garda with a baton and suffered bruising to his groin as a result.

RSF James Connolly Cumann fully support our member at this time and stand with him as he faces this latest attack on his community activism.


Earlier today a member of Thomas Harte Cumann Sinn Féin Poblachtach was subject to a heavy handed stop and search by crown forces.  Two TSG cars overtook traffic with sirens blaring in order to stop our member.

As always nothing was found yet the Sinn Féin Poblachtach member was subject to abuse from the crown forces and attempts were made to find any fault in the car such as tyre thread etc, unfortunately for them the car was up to standard.

Locals in the area also came out to confront the RUC when they seen them harassing our member, they then left after the locals came out.  Harassment from the crown forces will not deter our members in any way.

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