Drew Harris appointment ‘A hammer blow to victims of collusion’

Statement issued by the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton on June 26, 2018

_102215908_01harrisgroup03“The appointment of RUC/PSNI Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris as Commissioner of the 26-County police force is, as Miami Showband massacre survivor Stephen Travers points out “a hammer blow to every victim of collusion”. Harris has consistently refused to cooperate with any investigation into the Miami Showband massacre along with other acts of collusion between British state forces and British-controlled loyalist death-squads.

Again, as Stephen Travers points out, this appointment will be “catastrophic” to the nationalist people of the Six Counties as it sends out a signal that those who engaged in the cover-up of collusion between British state forces and British-controlled loyalist death-squads in the murder of innocent uninvolved nationalists are now deemed acceptable to take charge of the 26-County police force.

Furthermore, this appointment illustrates clearly the neo-colonial nature of the 26-County State. What other self-respecting state would appoint, as head of its police and intelligence services, a senior member of the police and intelligence services of another state? This appointment is further evidence of the entrenchment of British rule and partition in Ireland.

Twenty years after the Stormont Agreement, an agreement sold to nationalist Ireland as “a stepping-stone to a United Ireland”, it is obvious that far from weakening the grip of the British State, that grip is steadily being tightened.”

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