Normalisation: Protest against PSNI Harassment


Preas Ráiteas / Press Statement: 30/01/2017

“A Cháirde

Yet again we are presented with a colonial recruitment drive launched by the securityposter services. The PSNI/RUC is asking the oppressed people of the occupied six counties to participate in their propaganda stunt, ruling by fooling.  They are asking you to become cannon fodder as they use you to further their political aims of normalisation and overall promotion of the British state.

Where does Republican Sinn Fein stand on this issue?

We stand in direct resistance to British Rule and all of its ‘family friendly’ guises used to sucker people into their corrupted status quo institution.  This political oppressive force has no interest in bettering or building strong communities, as previous reports have divulged they are in league with drug dealers, allowing them to go about their business if they help in their intelligence war against revolutionaries in Ireland.  Drugs which are becoming epidemic now in the 6 occupied counties, of course this falls into the strategy of the British securocrats, drugs, unemployment, cuts, and welfare reform.  A downtrodden people are easily cowed, this is the mentality of our enemy.

The continued harassment of republicans at the hands of the PSNI/RUC mercenaries is the reason why on Saturday 11/11/17, the Thomas Harte Cumann of Republican Sinn Féin has organised a protest at Lurgan PSNI/RUC station.  Despite claims by DUP mouthpiece Carla Lockhart this protest has nothing to do with Armistice Day, other than, while you commemorate the British Army which has been responsible for countless atrocities in Ireland, we will be holding a peaceful protest against another aggressive arm of the British war machine the paramilitary PSNI/RUC.  We are calling on all of our comrades to stand with us on the 11th and oppose our mutual enemy in a collective and representative fashion and show them that we are not cowed we will not bow and we will never be broken, and so long as we draw breath, they will be fooling no one and ruling the same.

Beir Bua, An Phoblacht Abú.”

Críoch / ENDS

 Republican Sinn Féin Publicity Department

October 30, 2017

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