Liam Campbell: Victim of State Persecution

“Liam Campbell has for along time now been the victim of  a sustained campaign by both partitionist States to jail him for no reason other than being a republican living in the south Armagh, north Louth area.

Liam has been the subject of an exclusion order in 1983 barring him from entering  the north of Ireland because British intelligent’s services  deemed him a threat to the state.

Liam comes from a strong republican family, his brother Sean was killed on active service in December 1975 another brother served 14 years in Long Kesh.  While his brother Micheal was the victim of a MI5 entrapment resulting in a 12 year sentence for allegedly attempting to import arms into Ireland.

Stand by your fellow countryman and support the end of this extradition case against Liam.  Download this information leaflet, print it, distribute it and send a copy to Lithuanian persecutors. “

Download leaflet here: Liam Campbell


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