End the Politics of Division in Ireland. Demand a British Withdrawal.


Preasráiteas / Pressrelease – 09/06/2017

“Republicans have long maintained that the powers that be in Westminster were never “honest brokers” in the affairs of the Occupied Six Counties, this was dismissed nationally and internationally. Their position was promoted as peacekeepers between two sectarian tribes, this was blindly accepted by many world leaders.

The murders committed by their armed soldiers and paramilitary police was covered up by a corrupt state and excuses or delays in inquiries were again accepted by the cosy imperialist leaders worldwide. The internment of many in the 1970’s and claims of torture made by those interned were dismissed by the European courts at the time.

Today we see the true face of that so-called impartiality.

A weakened Conservative party will go into coalition with a bigoted, creationist, homophobic and anti-Catholic party. The DUP was backed in its election by a loyalist terror group and yet throughout this election it was the Conservatives who were castigating Labours Jeremy Corbin for alleged links to terrorists.

Yesterday’s election and the subsequent alliance being built in London has to show to anyone with an ounce of political savvy that the London Government is in no way impartial when it comes to administering their misrule of the Occupied Six Counties.

The broken assembly which has been faltered from crisis to crisis is now a useless and failed entity. The British state will forcibly remove a sizable minority of the population of Ireland away from the majority with whatever Brexit plan they manufacture.

Now is the time for the Irish people to rally around and demand for the withdrawal of British interference in Irish affairs.

It is long past time for a declaration of intent to withdraw and leave the running of this land to the people living here. It is not a time for Border Polls or voting ‘if’ we should have we should have a United Ireland.

It is now that a Federal Ireland needs to be established, using Éire Nua as a template.

Before an extremist element wreaks havoc on the Occupied Six Counties, before Human Rights are diminished under a Conservative/DUP coalition we need to demand our inalienable right to act as a United Ireland with one voice to rule without outside interference.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach now demand an immediate declaration of intent towards withdrawal before more damage is done to the economy of both States. We call on all the people of Ireland irrespective of race, colour, creed, sex or sexual orientation to petition all their local and national representatives to call for this as it is the best for us and for our future generations.

Republican Sinn Féin proposes a National Constituent Assembly be set up in line with the Towards a Peaceful Ireland proposals.”

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