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“We are calling upon all anti-imperialists and supporters of Human Rights and Justice in Ireland and abroad to download a copy of this letter and send it to the attached addresses concerning this case.

Show your support for a fellow Irishman who is fighting a hard fight against those who seek his extradition from Ireland to Lithuania.

The letter addresses the grave failings on the part of the Irish State, witness the abuse of power which has existed from the conception of this travesty.

The extradition of Liam Campbell, a native of Co Louth, is not a new case to any of us by any means. In fact, it is fast approaching its 9th year.

In this time, Liam has been the subject of many arrests, across jurisdictions, which has culminated in varying degrees of bail restrictions, all to exhaustive to list here; and yet the abuse continues.

In this regard, we now ask for your support. Copies of this letter will be made available through the RSF website, locally and Internationally. What we ask of our Readers, is to send copies of this letter of all email recipients addressed in the right-hand corner. This letter can also be scanned and sent to the Offices of the Ambassador, both in Ireland and Lithuania, and to the person of the Chief Prosecutor and Prosecutor, held bent on expunging Liam into a bleak and hellish existence.

As a reminder of what Lithuania has to offer, the following excerpt serves as an insight.”


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