Trial Date Set Against RSF Members



Ráitheas / Statement – 2.6.17

Today members of RSF Corcaigh and other members of RSF once again had to appear in Craigavon court facing trumped up charges. Over the past two months members had to appear over 6 times travelling from Cork and Dublin.

Today the trial dates were set for July and the trial is expected to last a number of days.

We call on the people Republican or otherwise to show your solidarity and support for our members. These charges should have never been a question in these men’s life but here they are having to face a trial. They RUC/PSNI will try their very best to break the republican struggle but it won’t work.

We won’t be bullied, we won’t be bought.

Críoch (End)

RSF Cork / SFP Corcaigh

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