Access to work is a right {RSF Leinster}


Ráitheas / Statement:  30ú Bealtaine 2017.

“Republican Sinn Féin welcomes the ruling today that the prohibition of work for asylum seekers was found to be illegal in the 26-County by the Supreme Court, but has adjourned its order for six months to allow time for ‘lawmakers’ to figure out how best to handle the matter. The Court invited interested parties to make submissions on the order over the next six months.

Such prohibition has had only a detrimental effect on asylum seekers who were held in direct provision centres (State-provided accommodation) and given an allowance of €19 per week.

The man who took the case was a native of Burma and was supported by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. He was in direct provision for six years.

Every person within the country should have access to and the right to work and integrate within the local community. The isolation of both refugees and asylum seekers only has a negative and detrimental impact on the individuals and families involved.

The Irish are no strangers to discrimination and racism and we in Republican Sinn Féin support the integration of asylum seekers into the workforce.”

  • Dublin & Leinster PRO, Sinn Féin Poblachtach

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