RSF Will Oppose Visit of British Royal

An interfaith service at the Remembrance Walls at Glasnevin Ceme

“Republican Sinn Fein opposes and condemns the visit of the Colonel-in-Chief of the parachute regiment of the British army to Ireland and in particular the visit to Glasnevin Cemetery where so many of our patriot dead are buried.

We object to giving any members of the British colonial royal family a welcome and a waste of taxpayers’ monies to fund such a visit. The parachute regiment murdered 11 civilians in Ballymurphy, Belfast in August 1971 and 14 innocent civilians in Derry in January 1972 and many more thereafter.

Republicans stand firm against the 26-County State’s wishes to denigrate the memory of our Republican dead and will hold a protest against Charles Windsor’s visit at Glasnevin Cemetery on Friday, May 12 at 10am.”

Republican Sinn Fein PRO Dublin.

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