RSF take action at Lithuanian Embassy


Members of the Bobby Sands / Anne Devlin Cumann and Rodger Casement / James Stephens Cumann of Republican Sinn Féin held two protests in London.

The first protest held outside the offices of the Conservative association in Sidcup the home of British overseer in occupied Ireland James Brokenshire was to highlight the ongoing British occupation of 6 of the north eastern counties of Ireland and their continuing draconian policies both on the streets of Ireland and inside their torture camps in Ireland. We wish to make it clear to every British politician acting as a colonial governor in Ireland that we will continue to picket them in their constituencies just as we did with Brokenshire’s predecessor Villers.


The second protest was held at the Lithuanian embassy in London to highlight the plight of committed republican Liam Campbell, who is being cruelly pursued by the Lithuanian authorities in collusion with British secret services and authorities in the 26 county state. The Lithuanian authorities are seeking to extradite Liam on trumped up charges. Lithuanian prisons have consistently failed human rights inspections with Liam’s brother previously being held in a WW2 era concentration camp. We will continue to support Liam a committed republican and Irishman in his fight against this injustice.


During the protest for Liam Campbell we had much success in highlighting Liam’s plight to an unaware British public, many of whom expressed shock as well as interest as to what their government are colluding in. We managed to hand out over 500 leaflets highlighting Liam’s plight and we also managed to secure the agreement of 5 shops and a pub to keep leaflets on their counter for customers to view.


Our actions clearly rattled the Lithuanian embassy who at first came out showing an interest and seeking to discuss with us the issue of which they claimed to have no knowledge, however this was followed by a heavy from the embassy attempting to harass Republican Sinn Féin activists by getting up close and personal and taking photos of activists faces. Not long after this appearance a helicopter shadowed the protest for a full hour! a bizarre reaction to a peaceful protest. The helicopter proceeded to leave coincidentally when we were leaving. Whilst we can not confirm the intentions of the helicopter it all seemed too much of a coincidence.”

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