Bus Éireann: All Out Strike


Statement issued by RSF National PRO, Seán Ó Dubhláin.

Preas Ráitheas / Press Release – 25/03/2017

Bus Éireann, like most state owned organisations within the 26 county state has have been run into the ground.  Workers are now on all out strike creating a state of turmoil for public transport with the state owned company possible being forced into receivership.

Through corruption, mismanagement of salaries, political incompetency and consultants and boards of directors getting unjustified high wages it has forced hard our way the privatization of key national resources with the people having no say.  This privatization suits the neo-liberal agenda which has ruled the political thinking of the 26 county state since EU membership in the 1970s.  We should not be surprised to hear of privatization being next on the cards for Bus Éireann.

Public Transport can and should be the lifeblood of an economy.  Instead in our divided and partitioned Ireland what we have is a poorly regulated system, inefficient and revolving around Dublin.  Like the political system we need a coherent revolution of change in how our public transport is managed, structured and ran.

The current rate of pay may be high for Bus Éireann workers, but due to political failures and European austerity, Irish public and private workers are taxed extortionate rates to pay for 42% of EU debt.

To the Irish people we must emphasis the importance of properly run and publicly owned national and natural resources.  These are the inheritance and wealth of the nation. No to privatization.

Support the workers!

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