Community Targeted Under Occupation {RSF Armagh}

Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

“Around midnight, going into Wednesday the 16th, the RUC/PSNI helicopter flew very low into estates right over houses in the Craigavon area, it stayed circling the place for around an hour.  Whilst this is usual harassment of our Communities under occupation by the RUC/PSNI children were again woke from their beds and upset, who had school to go to that morning.

Later on Wednesday, a member of Republican Sinn Féin was stopped and searched, although he was taken from his vehicle he was given seven days to present his vehicles to a station to be examined.  Do the Brits not realize by now their oppression makes us stronger?

For anyone in any doubt as to the levels of this harassment just type in online or on You Tube ‘PSNI Stop and Search’ to see some of the videos which have recorded this harassment.  Communities must stand together and raise their voices against this harassment.”

Críoch / ENDS

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Sinn Féin Poblachtach
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